Moderating blog comments

Lately, a few of our clients have asked us how to moderate blog comments on their websites. Allowing comments can be a double-edged sword: comments increase interactivity with your website's visitors, but they can also cause some headaches, like SPAM and inappropriate content.

Here are a few tips to minimize those headaches:

  1. Require your users to set up an account with your website in order to make comments on your blog. Be sure to include some sort of validation on the account signup form that confirms your new commenter is actually a human and not a spammer. This validation is usually an image with numbers that the visitor must type in correctly to complete the form.
  2. Require comments be approved by an administrator before they appear on your website. Ask your web developer how to set up this functionality.
  3. Moderate comments after they are posted. This means manuallyl deleting anything that does not conform to your website's commenting policy. That said ...
  4. Implement a clear policy that commenters must agree to and follow. To create a policy, look at similar websites in your industry. Here's an article that provides some easy-to-digest tips for setting up your blog's comment policy.