Is it Time to Rebrand?

We've discussed branding and rebranding, logo updates and refreshes, but here is a fun infographic we created to help you answer t

The Logo "Refresh" Part Two

Part Two: How an Update Can Strengthen Your Brand

The Logo "Refresh"

Part One: Is it Ever OK to Change Your Brand?

You, as a Brand: Branding Yourself for Small Business Success

Recently, a client asked me, “I’ve heard the best thing a small business can do during a recession is strengthen their brand. Does this mean I should send a postcard to everyone in Tahoe? What if I don’t have the money for a big marketing campaign like that right now?” His question got me thinking, how can small business owners build their brand with little to no extra money in the marketing budget? And the answer struck me – “Start building your personal brand.”

SmallPond Develops New Corporate Brand for Denali Group

SmallPond Studio has designed a new corporate brand for Denali Group, a supply chain and sourcing consulting firm that works with Fortune 100 companies. A major part of the brand overhaul is Denali's new website,, which launched this week.

SmallPond Updates North Tahoe Conference Center Brand Identity

After more than two decades as the North T
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