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Do You Need [Infographic] Design?

Infographics are all the rage right now, and it’s easy to understand why: we are visual creatures with short attention spans.

Don't keep your projects a secret

Have a construction project underway? New programs in the works at your nonprofit? A redesign on your website? You don't need to wait for a finished project. Tell people about it now!

Stop Social Media Emails

Tired of all the email notifications you're getting from social media?

Facebook tops Google for first time

Facebook overtook Google for the most-visited website in the US last month. However, the last company to usurp Google in web visits was MySpace in 2007, so we'll see how this one goes! Read the rest of this article >

What are people saying about your Truckee/Tahoe business?

What people say about your company on the world wide web is especially important in a tourist economy like Truckee and Tahoe.

Social networking overload?

Where does one find all the time to tweet and keep up with friends on Facebook? This article from Mashable gives us some tips to sort it all out -- for your business and your social life.

Facebook: "Virtual parlor for the middle-aged"?

A recent San Francisco Chronicle articles tells us what we likely already knew by looking at our friends list: People 35 to 54 are now the biggest age group on the Web site.

Social Networking and Small Business

Social networking sites provide many marketing opportunities for small business owners. They help get the word out, but they can also be time consuming. Here's an article that helps you wade through what's worthwhile and what may be a waste of your precious time:
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